To be in trance all the time, going inside and outside, not realizing it, it’s part of any structure in everyday life. Hypnosis or getting distracted, I have to learn to use it, to live with it, the process and work with these changes.

There are plots of places.

Inscribing words with a pencil. Changing spotlights constantly is a lot of work, has to be done to take advantage of my skills, so filtering would be a stupid way. Maybe I need a teacher for my perception. I am highly sensitive. Boucle dans ma tête, always up to something. Just thinking the things pass by are to be treated just like passing by it’s not my cup of tea. Words have to be taken with white gloves. People take them with their intensions before they sometimes realize or ask how you meant it. Always focus, come back, learn to concentrate.

To inscribe words on paper is like painting. To look serious by concentrating like focussing would hurt, the process of that always leads to lines which are curled or starting integration geomatrically. Let it slower come to my mind by writing slower, thinking more and more, pencil can’t follow. The rests don’t survive for the paper. Grabbing parts, coming back gently whispered. This method is like let the lines between never on the paper but this time it’s working.

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